“Melodic Journeys” CD


“Each tune takes us on a journey with every variation beautifully crafted, like an artist starting with a blank canvas and ending up with a masterpiece”. – PJ Crotty, musician

This is a solo, unaccompanied, traditional Irish fiddle recording featuring James Kelly on fiddles. It was recorded at Manatee Studios, Miami Florida and released in 2004. Released by Catalogue # JKM0147.

All the tracks are chosen with great care, respect and love of Irish music. Many of the tunes James plays on this recording were learned from his father John Kelly. There are many wonderful tunes on this recording including the reels “Toss the Feathers” and “The Colliers”, the lovely polkas “The Scartaglen/Din Tarrants/O’Callaghans, the beautiful airs “An Paistin Fionn” and the rarely heard “O’Carolan’s Farewell to Music”.

List of Tracks.

1. Reels. Toss the Feathers/The Colliers.
2. Mazurka/Highland Fling. Gan Ainm/The Keel row.
3. Slow Air. An Paistin Fionn.
4. Polkas. The Scartaglen/Din Tarrants/O’Callaghans.
5. Hornpipes. The Friendly Visit/the Leitrim Fancy.
6. Reels. Bunker Hill/The Star of Munster.
7. Slow Air. O’Carolan’s Farewell to music.
8. Jigs. The Cauliflower/The Humours of Ballinafad/Tap the Barrell.
9. Polkas. Bridgie Con Matt’s/Tom Billy’s/Casey’s.