“The Ring Sessions” CD


“You couldn’t wish for better fiddling in the Irish style”. – Alex Monaghan, Living Tradition Magazine

A duet recording featuring James Kelly on fiddle and multi- instrumentalist Zan Mc Leod (guitar and bouzouki) – 1995-Phaeton/Claddagh records-catalog # SPINCD999

Recorded in 1995 in Ring County Waterford, Ireland at the studio of “Clancy Brothers” Liam Clancy. The album has a “live” feel with studio quality sound. The traditional feel and depth of Kelly’s fiddle playing makes a dynamic counterpoint with the rhythmic drive and eclectic innovation of Mc Leod’s guitar and bouzouki work. There are old session favourites such as “The Congress”,”Julia Delaney”, “The Silver Spear”, as well as brilliant new compositions of James’ such as “Touching Cloth”, “Sitting on the Throne”, and “Eve’s Jig”.

List of tunes;

1. Jigs. The Luck Penny/Old man Dillon/The Knights of Saint Patrick.
2. Strathspey/Reels. Molly’s Graduation/Dougie Mac Donald’s/The Congress.
3. Hornpipes. Toomgraney Castle/Gan Ainm.
4. Reels. Julia Delaney/Christmas Eve.
5. O’ Carolan. Planxty Fanny Power.
6. Reels. The wise Maid/Ciaran’s/Touching Cloth/Sitting on the Throne.
7. Reels. Sailing into Walpole’s Marsh/The game of Love/The Teetotaller.
8. Polkas. The Ballydesmond/The Knocknaboul.
9. Strathspey/Slip Jig/Reels. Dublin Strathspey/Eve’s Jig/Lady from Oceanside/The Christchurch.
10. Jigs. Gaffney’s Favourite Son/the Humours of Rahey.
11. Slow Air O” Carolan. The Lament for Terence Mac Donough.
12. Reels. Cranking Out/Silver Spear.